black and unwanted arkansas.jpgLast week AR Right to Life joined forces with the Radiance Foundation, as has GA Right to Life, to erect 6 “Black and Unwanted” pro-life billboards in high traffic locations in the Little Rock area.
And just as in GA, the billboards are causing a stir, yeah. Here’s a June 22 news report

(Sorry, can’t center this one…) reports

In 2008… the AR Dept. of Health report[ed]… 58% of all abortions occur among white women while 34% are among black women.5 These percentages are only fully understood when the total population is revealed: 75.6% of AR’s population is white while only 15.8% is black.
The disparity is alarming as it exemplifies what is happening nationally, and what, historically has primarily been the target of the Birth Control/Population Control movement.

Yes, recall the Duggars are renting a house in Little Rock that is a historical landmark, previously owned by Brunhilde Kahlert Cornish, founder of the AR Eugenics Association, which was later renamed Planned Parenthood Association of AR.
Here’s another news report, this one by yesterday:

The billboards will remain up at least 1 month. I love that this concept is spreading. My only piece of constructive criticism would be that ARRTL should have a black spokesperson, as does GARTL.

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