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On May 5 candidates Mark Critz (D, pictured above left) and Tim Burns (R, pictured above right) engaged in a debate for the upcoming special election for PA’s 12th congressional district, the seat formerly held by the late Congressman John Murtha….

On the topic of health care reform, both candidates agreed that abortion should not be funded by taxpayer dollars. Or did they? John McCormack of The Weekly Standard reported:

…Burns missed an opportunity last night to expose the emptiness of Critz’s professed pro-life position. Burns said he firmly opposed abortion and described how his mother, who had him at 16, showed him the importance of affirming the right to life.
Critz said that they had reached a “watershed” moment of agreement – he, too, was opposed to abortion and wanted to overturn Roe v. Wade. In the feel-good moment, Burns didn’t use time for rebuttal and missed a chance to point out that Critz says Obamacare does not pay for elective abortions, when, in fact, it does.

McCormack also shared this exchange with Critz after the debate:

TWS: Mr. Critz, you would have opposed the health care bill, correct?
CRITZ: Correct.
TWS: So why don’t you support repeal of the health care bill?
CRITZ: Because I think in this part of the world, you know what we do? We work with what we have and we look forward. We try to fix what we have instead of going backwards.
TWS: And do you think the health care bill currently – the law – pays for abortions?
CRITZ: No, I don’t.
One of Critz’s staffers then told me that the candidate was going to talk to supporters and when he was done, they’d give me some time to talk to him.
So I stepped aside for a couple minutes and when Critz stopped talking to supporters I asked him, “have you read the health care [law]–the abortion provision, sir?”
Critz didn’t respond.
Nor did he respond when I then asked: “Doesn’t the law say that at least one plan… in every exchange would cover abortions?” Since the candidate continued to be non-responsive, I walked away.

For those who live in PA-12, remember May 18. For the rest of us, Remember November.
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