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  • I think IN Gov. Mitch Daniels might regret saying this when being asked follow-up questions regarding his “truce on social issues” idea:
  • To clarify whether Daniels simply wants to de-emphasize these issues or actually not act on them, I asked if, as president, he would issue an executive order to reinstate Reagan’sMexico City Policy” his first week in office. (Obama revoked the policy during his first week in office.) Daniels replied, “I don’t know.”…

  • The Center for Women’s Health abortion clinic in Overland, KS shut down for more than an hour after employees were suspicious of a package without a return address. The package contained a bonsai tree which was used as an event invitation.
  • A very uncool idea for a t-shirt has surfaced among the Israeli army:
  • The revelations centre on t-shirt designs made for soldiers that make light of shooting pregnant Palestinian mothers and children and include images of dead babies and destroyed mosques.
    The t-shirts were printed for Israeli soldiers at the end of periods of deployment or training courses and were discovered by Israeli newspaper Haaretz.
    One, printed for a platoon of Israeli snipers depicts an armed Palestinian pregnant women caught in the crosshairs of a rifle, with the disturbing caption in English: “1 shot 2 kills”.

    A spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces has condemned the shirts as “tasteless” and “unacceptable.”

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