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by Kelli

  • ProWomanProLife reports on a jaw-dropper from Belgium: Almost half of all patients killed by euthanasia had not requested to die.
  • Albert Mohler addresses the link between IVF, abortion, and the idolatry of “self.”
  • Andrew Haines at Ethika Politika points out the effectiveness of combating relativistic pro-abortion ideas by appealing to “natural law.”…
  • has posted a wrap-up of a press conference it held on YouTube:
  • Disability Matters has a post about the federal sting operation in AZ and GA against the Final Exit Network, a euthanasia assistance group:
  • FEN advocates [were found] not even asking for proof that the victim had a terminal disease (or any disease, for that matter), and the… undercover agent was assured that once the assisted killing had begun, his FEN “guide” would hold his hands tightly enough so that he couldn’t change his mind and rip the gas mask from his face.

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