Kiddie condom capital is also queer capital

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A couple updates on my June 23 post about the Provincetown, MA, Public School System’s decision to give kids as young as 5 or 6 condoms upon request, at the same time disallowing parental approval.
I heard on WLS radio’s Don and Roma Show this morning that the seaside town of Provincetown is also a homosexual harbor. Sure enough, according to Wikipedia

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In the mid-1970s members of the gay community began moving to Provincetown. In 1978 the Provincetown Business Guild was formed to promote gay tourism. Today more than 200 businesses belong to the PBG and Provincetown is perhaps the best-known gay summer resort on the East Coast….
Other notable festivals during the year include… “Mate’s Leather Weekend” [photo from website gallery above right], “Women’s Week” [“the quintessential lesbian vacation destination”],… “Single Men’s Weekend” [“enjoy the off-season charm of Provincetown with 400-600 other gay men”]….
In October, Provincetown sees the arrival of transvestite, transgender and transsexual people for the annual Fantasia Fair [photo below]. Started in 1975, it is the longest running event of its kind in the USA.

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In fact, according to, Provincetown is the “top gay and lesbian vacation destination” in the US, even ranked above San Francisco.
gay marriage.jpgAlso, “Since the legalization of gay marriage in Massachusetts in 2004, Provincetown has earned the distinction of ‘the place to get married,’ issuing more than 2k marriage licenses to date.” (Photo left via
I now have a clearer understanding of the impetus for the Providence Public School System’s new kiddie condom policy. The morals are looser in this town and/or there is the concern “of passing around sexually transmitted diseases or the possibility of contracting HIV-AIDS might be to a child.” The writer of that quote was a kiddie condom supporter.
Turns out Provincetown was considered an “AIDS enclave” in the 1990s. In 2002 author Michael Cunningham wrote, “Provincetown has been widowed by the AIDS epidemic. It will never fully recover….” The AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod (formerly the Provincetown AIDS Support Group) writes of forming in Provincetown in 1983 when “hundreds of people living with AIDS arrived seeking acceptance and compassionate care.
So not only do people contract AIDS in Provincetown, those inflicted with AIDS come there for treatment and solace. Either way, Provincetown is apparently an HIV/AIDS mecca.
It all begins to make sense.
The other bit of news is Gov. Deval Patrick has intervened, and the school is reconsidering its policy. According to ABC News, June 24:

No major news outlet is mentioning the potential backstory here.

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  1. Sorry I’ve been away guys. Been running 8 miles a day and working out 2 hours a day, 6 days a week getting in shape to walk my beautiful daughter down the aisle on August 7.
    What’s happening in P-Town is a result of the 50 years of dereliction in the pulpit in not preaching God’s word. There is no fear of the Lord in our culture. “Without vision the people cast of restraint”.
    Got to go run.

  2. What does this have to do with pro-life issues?
    I’m so proud that my generation acknowledges equal rights for all: including the unborn and gays/lesbians. Both support for life and marriage equality are on the rise and Americais better because of it.

  3. I’ve heard that at one time Provincetown also attracted Pilgrims. Oddly, news outlets don’t to be mentioning that backstory, either.

  4. “Sorry I’ve been away guys. Been running 8 miles a day and working out 2 hours a day, 6 days a week getting in shape to walk my beautiful daughter down the aisle on August 7.”
    Phil, Must be a really long aisle! (: I’ve missed your words of wisdom.
    “The use of condoms is a MORTAL SIN !! Sex is bad reallly really bad”
    Posted by: john at June 25, 2010 10:34 AM
    john, what exactly is your definition of sex? Seems the definition is a bit broader for some in Provincetown.

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