max 2.jpg16-yr-old Max Kamin-Cross appears to have a lot on the ball.
The Rochester, NY, teen writes about himself, “I am an avid rock climber and race for my school’s alpine ski team. I also shoot on a Junior Olympic Archery competition team and participate in Model United Nations, while taking several AP classes.”
But for such a smart kid, Kamin-Cross is sure headed in a foolish direction, because Kamin-Cross is a budding pro-abort….

A “fired up” Kamin-Cross reported July 19 at RH Reality Check about Planned Parenthood’s recently held 2010 Organizing and Policy Summit:

Before I go on, can I just say….WOW! Five hundred youth and adult advisors from around the country… converging on Washington, DC for three days. It was an amazing thing to see and to be a part of.

organizing and policy summit.jpg

This just continues to prove my point – teens do care but just need someone to take the first step. At the OPS in 2009, Cecile Richards, President of PP, issued a challenged to increase the attendance for 2010’s conference. We succeeded. Over 100 more people attended OPS 2010 than 2009; almost 300 of them were youth….
One new addition at this conference was the first meeting of PP’s Young Leaders Advisory Board. Twenty of PP’s most visionary young adults (including me!) from 14 different states were selected to take part in this new initiative. I can’t go into the specifics, but be prepared for some fantastic new PP campaigns and initiatives….

Ok, stop. Max, do you realize that for the 300 youth at the PP conference, 100 others were killed by abortion – likely by PP, the United States’ largest abortion provider? Do you realize PP was working its damnedest 16 years ago to enable your mother to kill you? Ask those PP reps if they would have supported (and made money from) your death. Speaking of, do you realize all the PP reps around you make a very good living off of abortion? They’re just using you.
So, really, Max? How wise is it to trust, support, and even volunteer for the very people who were striving 16 years ago to see you dead? And they would have made a pretty penny off your death at that. I mean, really, Max?
BTW, the 2010 Students for Life of America conference this past January had to close registration for “max”ing out at 1,200 students from 2 dozen states and 3 countries.
students for life logo 2.png
There’s a reason today’s youth are overwhelmingly pro-life, Max. They’re on to pro-aborts. They’ve wised up. I sure hope you do, too.
[Photo via RH Reality Check]

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