Obama sycophant SodaHead’s July 15 blog post headline blared, “Latest Right-Wing Lie Blows Up In Their Faces: NO FEDERAL FUNDING FOR ELECTIVE ABORTION.”
SodaHead was attempting to beat back conservatives who were in an uproar over National Right to Life’s finding that federal funding for PA’s health insurance high-risk pool includes abortion coverage….
Likewise, another of Obama’s online guardians, Media Matters, quickly hurled a 1,700-word tome into the blogosphere with such cocky subtitles as (emphasis mine), “[Glenn] Beck repeats discredited claim that Obama admin has OK’d federal funding for elective abortions”….
The only problem is the abortion industry agrees with (all) pro-lifers (other than Democrats) that Obama’s executive order didn’t apply to high-risk pools and were furious when in the wake of NRLC’s discovery a busted White House quickly directed DHHS to write rules ensuring that federal funds indeed would not go toward abortion in state high-risk pools….

So while Obama rags were proclaiming his innocence, pro-aborts who had smartly remained silent during the EO sham could no longer contain themselves and began writing just the opposite.
Jessica Arons at the pro-abort blog RH Reality Check snapped, “But here’s the catch, nothing in federal law actually restricts the use of federal or state money for abortion in [high-risk pools].”
Rebecca Sive at the same site was even more frank, stating, “In fact, and as we all know, the executive order was nothing but a most willingly made sop to Rep. Stupak…. [T]he Executive Order’s creation and signing was a deeply hypocritical and cynical act….”
Now Obama not only has to deal with the pro-life Democratic faction but also the media faction that wants to perpetuate the lie for him vs. the pro-abort faction demanding he give up the sham….
But I do note that increasingly we’re seeing pro-aborts hoist on their own petard – and they’re supposed to have the political advantage.

Read my column today, “Obama toadies vs. abortion freeloaders,” in its entirety at WorldNetDaily.com.

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