According to the latest Rasmussen poll, Republican pro-life IL gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady is trouncing incumbent Democrat pro-abort Pat Quinn 48% to 35%, maintaining a strong lead as we head into the final stretch before the November 2010 election.

Meanwhile, Rasmussen reported only yesterday Republican pro-abort US Senate candidate Mark Kirk (pictured right) is losing by 2 points at 40% to Democrat pro-abort Alexi Giannoulias‘ (pictured below left) 42%.

There is no excuse for Kirk not to be as ahead in the polls as Brady since Giannoulias is such a well-known slime dog, and Illinoisans should be good and sick of slime dogs.

But 1 of Kirk’s big problems, aside from the fact he keeps getting caught lying about his resumé, is social conservatives can’t stand him. On the life issue Kirk slinks among the worst.

Kirk’s best bet, knowing he couldn’t woo us to put his signs in our yards, would have been to just shut up about it until after the election, so at least the bulk of us, energized to vote by national circumstances, would hold our noses and pick the Republican over the Democrat. That’s what the GOP counts on from us at times like this, and frankly, that’s what many if not most of us do.

But Kirk couldn’t shut up about it. He somehow thinks out pro-aborting the pro-abort will help, even though our counterparts do as we do. When it comes to a toss-up, they vote for the despicable Democrat for the same reason we vote for the despicable Republican: We all know the congressional majority gets or loses our issue power.

But as IL Review reported August 23, Kirk’s pro-death ideology compelled him to condemn a federal judge’s decision temporarily restraining Obama’s executive order funding embryonic stem cell research. Furthermore, Kirk abandoned his party and encouraged Democrat leaders to spearhead a legislative effort to surmount it:

… I disagree with today’s court decision and hope the Dept. of Justice will appeal it immediately. In the meantime, I urge Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid to send the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act to the President’s desk when the Congress returns from recess.

Pro-lifers can only take so much, and Kirk needlessly poking that stick at us lost some tepid support.

But the last straw for me was a June 2010 memo we received today, written by Kirk to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, seeking its endorsement.

Both NARAL and PP IL Action have already endorsed Giannoulias, and the PPAF lists Giannoulias as an endorsed candidate, so Kirk lost his bid, unless PPAF determines at some point Giannoulias has acquired too much baggage, which I doubt. There are no Republicans on its endorsement list, so it must be willing to tolerate a lot.

But reading Kirk’s list of pro-death accomplishments is sickening. Also note how many times Kirk brags about battling his own party’s president on the life issue.

Even anticipating a Republican Senate majority isn’t worth electing another Collins, Snowe, or Specter for the next 6-24+ years.

If Kirk wants to do this without us, by getting help from pro-abort ideologues, supporting Democrat pro-death measures, and betraying the GOP platform and leaders, he can be my guest. All those points considered, I’m taking my lead from Kirk and not butting in where my vote isn’t wanted.

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