Update 8/20: View SFL’s letter to the Governor here.

Last week Students for Life of America revealed that not only were all University of North Carolina system students being forced to procure health insurance this  fall, but plans purchased through the state would mandatorily include abortion coverage.

The UNC Board of Governors quickly caved following adverse publicity. As Robin Marty lamented on RH Reality Check yesterday:

It happened so quickly you might have missed it if you blinked.  One day a storm was brewing on the UNC campus, with the administration taking a firm stance on one side, and the campus’s anti-abortion student group pushing hard from the other.

The next morning, the storm blew over, the University had acquiesced, and the fight was done.

Not so fast, Robin. You may wish.

It’s true the UNC Board of Governors ostensibly backed down within 2 days after SFL publicized its plan, promising it would allow students to opt out of abortion coverage.

But, it said, the price of the 2 plans would still be identical ($600-750 annually, depending on the school).

This makes no sense. Additional benefits should cost additional money, particularly at this price. If a $600 plan allows up to $500 for abortions, then the same plan without abortion coverage should cost less. And what about male students? Why are their insurance premiums also the same?

Something smells, especially since UNC will provide SFL no proof that all payments aren’t ending up in the same pool.

So today SFL is sending a letter to NC Insurance Commissioner Gov. Beverly Perdue (pictured left), calling for an investigation into the insurance pricing structure of UNC and its insurer, Pearce & Pearce, one of the US’s largest student health insurance providers.

SFL President Kristan Hawkins told me her group will be asking Perdue to investigate the insurance charges as well as that UNC is forcing pro-life students  to opt out of abortion coverage, not allowing pro-aborts to opt in.

But there’s more. UNC officials told SFL that student insurance costs will be rolled into their total school cost, increasing the likelihood more students will be eligible for federal government funded Pell grants.

The Hyde Amendment covers Pell grants, meaning Pell grants cannot pay for elective abortions.

So a student getting a Pell grant should not be able to use any of that grant money to pay for insurance that includes abortion coverage.

Therefore, SFL will also be calling for a Congressional investigation of the UNC abortion insurance coverage scandal.

There is a great likelihood that UNC isn’t the only state college system attempting this.  Stay tuned.

[Graphic via SFL]

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