web grab.jpgby JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • A NC man named Justin Moose has been arrested for allegedly providing information on bomb making to a person he believed would bomb an abortion clinic:

    A criminal complaint alleges that Moose used the social networking site Facebook as a platform to advocate violence against women’s healthcare clinics, specifically where abortions were performed and employees at such clinics.

    The complaint alleges that last week, Moose spoke and met with a confidential source and provided detail and instruction about various explosives or incendiary methods for the purpose of enabling the source to destroy a NC abortion clinic.

  • 7 women convicted of “homicide against a relative” in Mexico were released after the state of Guanjuato enacted legal reforms. The women claim they had miscarriages but prosecutors “maintained to the end that the women’s trials were fair, that their babies were born alive but died because of mistreatment or lack of care.”
  • Chen Guangcheng has been released in China but his village has apparently been put on lockdown:

    Controversy has returned to the village of Dongshigu, and with it, a security crackdown. The source of both: the release of Chen Guangcheng, a blind, self-taught lawyer who drew worldwide attention to his rural neighbors’ stories of forced sterilizations and late-term abortions at the hands of local authorities…..

    Villagers said they are alternately thankful for Chen’s work and fearful of being associated with him. Reporters from the Associated Press, who tried to enter the village on Thursday, said men in plainclothes came running, scuffled with the reporters and pursued them at high speed as they left the area. Local authorities did not return calls.

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