The following disturbing video has in recent days caused “international fury,” according to The Daily Mail, and “social media uproar,” according to Mashable.

The video, which shows a teenage girl heartlessly and gleefully (“weeee”) throwing puppies into a river, 1st appeared on 4chan August 31. YouTube has since removed the video, but it is still available many places elsewhere. Warning: graphic footage of animal cruelty…

As I said, outrage immediately ensued, along with a worldwide womanhunt to track down the perpetrator. Transformers director director Michael Bay offered a $50k “bounty for puppy-throwing girl.” PETA offered $1,500.

As the police pursued tips to find the hoodied villain, LiveLeaks warned against vigilante “threats… or ‘action,'” if civilians nabbed her 1st. Over 22k people have signed on to the “Find the girl throwing puppies in the river!!!!!” Facebook page (interesting screen graphic from that page right).

On September 3 the girl was found in Bosnia. The Daily Mail refused to post her name “to protect her safety,” adding she had received death threats. wondered if she was “mad.”

While initially the girl was fingered as 19-yr-old Katja Puschnik of Bosnia, later reports indicated she is a minor and won’t be publicly named.

The point of this post? Had the girl killed her preborn baby – in a much more heinous way, by suctioning, chopping or slicing – society would and does not find that so viscerally detestable as her drowning puppies.

What if she had been videotaped while aborting? Society would not have allowed that to be shown. And if it made its way online virally? The moral outcry have been against the person filming the atrocity, not the girl. And we know rewards would certainly not be offered for the aborter’s capture.

As evidence of the great disconnect between animal abuse and preborn human abuse, Salon posted an article entitled, “Our conflicted relationship with animals: Why do we get so angry with animal abusers, but eat more animals than ever before?”

More evidence of the great disconnect, from the article, which starts with a question about this video and another newly infamous video showing a woman throwing a cat in the trash:

One is that they both involved women. And this is a little bit of an anomaly, because if you look at animal cruelty trials and (data), I think it’s that 90-95% are men behind them. So that’s one reason why this went viral; it’s the surprising idea of women being cruel in this way….

Yet thousands of times a day in the US alone, women behave much more cruelly than this, killing their own offspring.

[HT: Kelli]

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