Pro-aborts usually deny there are some who use abortion as a primary or secondary means of birth control. They know such a fact makes them appear irresponsible and soulless, and they also know “abortion for any reason” never polls well, for instance (click to enlarge):

It also ruins their “comprehensive sex ed” claim that the more one knows about sex and how to avoid pregnancy, the fewer abortions there will be.

But we all know that truth be told a significant number of sexually active females just get sloppy. Put another way, I’m quite sure that if abortion were illegal, women would exercise much greater caution.

That’s why it was refreshing to see the Abortioneers blog get honest on this point, recently asking this poll question:

The poll is closed but still available for viewing on the right side of the Abortioneers home page, although I suspect not for long now.

At any rate, thanks for clearing that up, Abortioneers.

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