Only in this crazy world where we pretend abortion clinics don’t kill children would an otherwise tragic news story include these absurd lines:

Reed said this is the first time that a dead infant has been placed outside of a Planned Parenthood office in North Carolina. She said counseling was being made available to employees who came to work Saturday.

(Speaking was Melissa Reed, VP of policy for PP in Raleigh.)

Backstory: A dead newborn baby girl was found in a blue storage bin outside the Winston-Salem Planned Parenthood abortion mill (pictured above right) early in the morning on September 4.

NC has an infant abandonment law that allows parents to drop off newborns up to 7 days old at various “safe havens,” including “nonprofit community health center[s],” which I’m guessing include PPs.

The baby was born alive, according to authorities, about 3 weeks premature, and found wearing a diaper, dressed in a onesie, and wrapped in a blanket.

Although it will take 3 weeks to determine the cause of death, I’m guessing the baby died of hypothermia after being dropped off at the PP by a well-intentioned but ignorant mother, probably young.

But back to PP, why in the world would staff need counseling in the death of a born baby when they routinely abort babies into the 2nd trimester and not to worry, “can still help” mothers pregnant beyond 16 weeks with abortion referrals?

So had the mother of this dead born baby come to the Winston-Salem PP only one day prior for an abortion, the same staff would have helped her get one.

The “counseling was being made available” was a line of bull. I’m confident in actuality PP does not want employees to explore their feelings about dead babies.

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