On October 17 President Obama campaigned at Ohio State University in Columbus for beleaguered Gov. Ted Strickland, trailing in the polls to pro-life Republican John Kasich. (Click photos to enlarge.)

Crowd estimates were 35,000. And there were only 2 ways in, both covered by volunteers for the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Midwest. Reported leader Mark Harrington:

There were 2 huge lines of people feeding into the security checkpoints and we had pro-life signs at both of them for 3+ hours. We had a captive audience….

Most Americans have no idea how extreme President Obama views are on abortion.

We used a low amplification speaker to read quotes from Obama…. The best Obama quote is, “I did not want my children to be punished with a baby.” Obama thinks children are a punishment! Shocking.

For those who think “protests are a waste of time and ineffective,” I ask, “Where else could you get thousands of abortion advocates to come see the truth about abortion and talk to pro-lifers?”

The fact is: They won’t come to us – we must go to them.

Here’s video of the event…

Love how Strickland supporters tried to obscure the truth…

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