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  • Born-alive aborted children are being drowned and left to die in Australian hospitals:Babies that are surviving late-term abortions at Melbourne’s Royal Women’s Hospital might be being left on shelves to die, according to an Anglican minister.

    Dr. Mark Durie, minister of St. Mary’s Caulfield, said staff were finding it hard to cope with a reported 6-fold increase in late-term abortions at the Women’s since abortion was decriminalised in Victoria 2 years ago….

    He said in one case – not at the Women’s – a trainee was deeply traumatised when she was told to drop a living foetus in a bucket of formaldehyde.

    Dr. Durie said even in 2007, 52 babies survived late-term abortions, according to government figures. In some clinics they had simply been put on a shelf and left to die, and the public deserved to know what was happening now.

  • At the Live Action blog, Ana Benderas posts 5 tips for conversing about abortion:If they say the world is overpopulated, don’t get into it about how it’s really not. It doesn’t matter. We don’t kill humans as population control. If they say more women will die from back-alley abortions, don’t go into statistics about how it’s not true. It doesn’t matter. It is not ok to kill humans just because “it will happen illegally anyway (for more on this topic see my Facebook note Self-Induced Abortions).”

    When it comes to the wild goose chase, refuse. Stay on topic. Abortion is wrong because it kills innocent people. Killing innocent people is wrong.

  • Wesley Smith notes how one of the winners of the CA Institute of Regenerative Medicine’s stem cell poetry contest based his poem on a speech Jesus made at the Last Supper. The poems have been removed and CIRM has apologized.
  • Talk about completely different approaches – Steve Wagner talked at a SD Right to Life Conference about engaging in dialogue with pro-choice activists:“Pro-choice ideas are the enemy, not pro-choice people,” Wagner said, urging people to “destroy confusion, not people.”

    Meanwhile, Amanda Marcotte writes:

    The number 1 mistake anyone can make when dealing with anti-choice activists is to take them at their word. Believing that they’re in this strictly because abortion itself offends them, and seeking ways to reduce access to abortion? Reproductive rights activists would be the first in line to tell you that’s never going to work. And if you stick around and listen to reproductive rights activists dispensing advice, the 2nd thing we’d tell you is that people who enjoy going to clinics to yell at patients live for opportunities to harass people, and you’d be much better off avoiding them in the first place.

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