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  • The NJ Board of Medical Examiners will meet on Wednesday to decide what should happen to abortionist Stephen Brigham after authorities discovered his process of starting late-term abortions in NJ and then leading a caravan of women to another abortion clinic in MD to finish the abortions:Atty Gen. Paula Dow wants the state BME, the disciplinary panel for doctors, to pull Brigham’s license for this “grossly negligent and dangerous pattern of practice.'”

    Brigham used the two-state scheme to flout a NJ law prohibiting doctors from performing abortions outside a hospital or other licensed facility after the 14th week of pregnancy, and put his patients “at risk of serious harm,” according to Dow’s complaint.

  • Olympic College in WA has adopted a policy of restricting non-student protesters a year after graphic photos of aborted children were displayed on campus.
  • Family Research Council’s David Prentice responds to Geron’s embryonic stem cell announcement:

    In its usual style, Geron has put out a press release that it has injected the first patient for its trial of embryonic stem cells for spinal cord injury. Of course their main goal is to increase their stock price and cash flow from investment. Not about science, not about helping patients.

    After all, this is just an announcement that the patient has been injected with millions of cells. No results, no peer-reviewed publication, nada….

    From the total of two published rat studies on which the human experiment is based, Geron already knows that their ESC-derived cells will not work on chronic spinal cord injury; patients must be recruited and injected within the first 14 days after their injuries. They also know that the patient must be juiced with immunosuppressive drugs, so that the injected cells are not rejected by the immune system, since they are foreign to the body.

    And because of the significant possibility that ESC-derived cells can run amuck, growing out of control or forming improper tissues throughout the body, Geron has already said they will have to monitor the patients for 15 years to assess the danger.

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