Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Coming Home features a Weirdscience article which states, “the impulse to be social is so deep-seated in human consciousness that it’s even evident in the womb, suggests a new study on the interaction of twins just a few months after conception.”

  • Big Blue Wave discusses National Pro-Life Cupcake Day, which was held October 9. But truly, any day is a great day for a pro-life cupcake, don’t you think?
  • At a recent 40 Days for Life event in Fort Wayne, IN, “more than 500 people showed up for a youth procession to the 40 DFL vigil site…. Students from 3 different schools took part.” What a witness! They realize that a third of their generation is missing!
  • Scott Klusendorf of LTI announces an upcoming debate with PA State Sen. Daylin Leach in front of 500+ high school students in Philly. The senator will take the position of a “gradualist – meaning he will confuse construction with development.” It is important we understand this thought process and the errors of this thinking.
  • Barbara Curtis at Mommy Life announces her son Jonny, who has Down Syndrome, was voted Homecoming King. At this same school in 2005, a young lady with DS was voted Homecoming Queen. She points out that this was an actual student vote and not engineered by the school.On that same note, Lawrence, KS students had to petition to change the current policy against special needs kids being on Homecoming Court and this cleared the way for a young man with DS to be declared the winner. See the video below:

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