by Carder

According to an October 22 press release:

Star [Parker]’s campaign has raised a substantial total of $1,173,106 with $854,979 raised during the 3rd quarter alone. As of September 30th, Starís campaign reported $243,460 cash on hand. By comparison, Richardsonís campaign has raised only $528,540 to date, leaving only $160,748 raised in the third quarter with $122,237 cash on hand.

That would be the Star Parker, former welfare recipient and post-abortive mother, who, by the grace of God, has risen above troubled circumstances to become a successful businesswoman and inspirational figure in her local community and abroad.

Star is running against Democrat pro-abort incumbent Laura Richardson in CA’s 37th District, which covers Carson, Compton, Long Beach, and Signal Hill.

A campaign supporter with whom I spoke said that Star is “polling positively” and that things “look good”.

Momentum’s on her side, folks. Let’s help her knock it out of the park. Donate here.

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