Bottom line? The only reason the National Organization for Women endorsed Democrat pro-abort failed political careerist Jerry Brown over Republican pro-abort wildly successful first female billionaire businesswoman Meg Whitman for governor of CA is because NOW thinks Brown’s political label will advance abortion and Whitman’s won’t.

There could be no clearer example that liberal feminists aren’t really about elevating women but really all about abortion advocacy.

And NOW’s endorsement of Brown despite release of an audiotape only hours before catching one of his staffers calling Whitman a whore only spotlights its hypocrisy…

Or was it a staffer? On October 10 Fox News reported it was, in fact, Brown’s wife Anne who called Whitman a whore.

This would explain why NOW backpedaled from originally demanding that Brown fire the misogynist by amending its original statement (click to enlarge)…

Because, of course, as Fox reported:

“The person who said that word is someone who can’t be fired… Jerry’s wife can’t be fired.” said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

NOW’s October 13 press release also stated it “clearly and unequivocally condemns calling Meg Whitman, or any woman, a whore. This term is hate speech that carries with it negative connotations associated with women, and it has no place in contemporary society.”

But by October 14 NOW had dug its Whoregate hole deeper. Could NOW look any worse, any more misogynist? Why, yes. Here’s the HuffPo headline:

According to the Daily Caller on October 14:

[CA NOW President Patty] Bellasalma [pictured, right] said that while calling Whitman a “whore” was a poor choice of words, the description was accurate. “The very troubling issue that is embedded in that call is what prompted the description of Meg as a ‘whore’ is basically that she sold out Californians for an endorsement and a $450,000 independent expenditure campaign,” she said.

Well, now there’s an interesting definition of whore. So, didn’t NOW sell out women by endorsing the male pro-abort Brown over the female pro-abort Whitman only because it thought it could advance its abortion agenda further by riding on Big Daddy Brown’s coattails?

Doesn’t that make the NOW gang whores?

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