Shayna at the Abortion Gang blog has alerted us with disapproval to a new bit of contemporary American slang, “That’s so abortion”:

It seems like every decade has its non-PC, misused term to indicate failure.  The ’90s had “gay” and the ’00s had “retarded” and now it seems that ’10 is starting off this decade with “abortion,” as in “that movie was an abortion” or “you’re a failed abortion.”

Abortion Gang’s negative reaction to the trivialization of  the word “abortion” surprised me. I expected cheers.  When Fox refused to air the Family Guy abortion episode last year pro-abort Sarah Seltzer at RH Reality Check wrote that one of the ways to mainstream abortion would be to do just that, maybe even add a few laughs…

But conversely the lack of abortion jokes creates this hyped-up atmosphere of tragedy and controversy around something that is quite common and needs to be discussed more.

Even if Seth McFarlane and the Family Guy team failed miserably to be funny or edgy in their attempts to milk humor from abortion, even if they were crass and sexist, I’d hope the episode would be an opening salvo for more comics, artists and others to talk about this reality in women’s lives that, like all realities, has to contain fodder for humor.

Feministing blamed us for keeping “abortion” such an uptight word:

I guess no one is seeing the real humor in that unless you are avidly pro-life and anti-women’s right to choose, abortion is not really a fringe topic that is so edgy it must be banned from TV.

We also have comedians Ragan Fox, Chris Rock, and Sarah Silverman joking about abortion.

So we have a difference of opinion amongst pro-aborts on whether to josh about abortion or keep it deadly serious, pardon the pun.

I always enjoy conflict in their ranks. But this one is luscious. Exactly why is Shayna frowning on the frivolous use of the word “abortion”?  Pro-lifers got into her head. She’s paranoid. Nor does she like “abortion” compared to “epic fail”:

[E]very time someone refers to a bad driver as a “failed abortion” they push abortion – and every reproductive justice activist, woman who has had an abortion, doctor who performs these procedures, and pro-choice politicians  further out of the realm of mainstream acceptance….

I would rather the term “abortion” remain spoken out loud only in the safe haven that clinics and select OB/GYN offices have become than be bastardized by those ignorant individuals prone to outrageous overstatement and exaggeration.  And yes, that is what you sound like when you use words like “gay” and “retarded” and “abortion” to describe what you don’t like – ignorant and ridiculous.

So why resort to using inaccurate terms that make you sound like an idiot, and stigmatize an important component of reproductive justice?

I guess Shayna will object to my saying abortion supporters are so abortion.

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