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  • Emergency contraceptive ella is now available in the United States. Various pro-life groups and individuals believe that ella, which has a similar chemical make-up to the RU-486 abortion pill, could work to prevent the implantation of a human embryos or cause abortions. Ella is currently only available with a prescription, unlike Plan B which women can get without a prescription.
  • Creative Minority Report shares that scientists in Spain have developed microscopic bar codes which they’ve implanted into mouse embryos and been given approval to use in human embryos created via IVF.

  • Frances Kissling (pictured left), former president of Catholics for Free Choice, replies to Amanda Marcotte’s charge that pro-lifers are liars and dialoguing with them is a waste of time:

    When dialogue participants, including those at Princeton, hold back it’s not because they are “liars” as Amanda scoldingly calls them, but because dialogue requires restraint. Setting up through words old reactive patterns is not helpful. In this regard, I am glad Amanda was not there. I wouldn’t put my worst enemy in the room with someone who talked the way Amanda writes when she gets wound up about the “evil” antis.

    Amanda also says you can’t “have a dialogue without agreeing on the facts.” In fact, you probably wouldn’t need a dialogue if you agreed on the facts. Fact fights dominate the life choice debate.

    Kissling also tore to shreds another RH Reality Check poster’s assertions about the circumstances leading to late-term abortions:

    Factually, we have no data to support these assertions. After a web search did not reveal confirmation, I emailed Guttmacher. Here is the response: “[we do not] know of any data to support these assertions about reasons for abortions post 20 weeks. Reasons for 2nd-trimester abortions may be very different than reasons for post-20-week abortions, but again there’s no info. We do know that young women (minors in particular) take longer to realize they are pregnant.”

    Because I am pro-choice I give Catherine Epstein some latitude. Some of what she speculates is reasonable. Some of it is the desire of an advocate to put the best foot forward but in my opinion strays from a rigorous approach to the “facts.” We do not know if there are more late abortions due to severe fetal abnormality or to denial and fear. We have no idea if denial by young women is the result of sexual abuse, none whatsoever. Claiming that lack of funding for a 1st trimester abortion is resolved with finding 6 times more money later in the pregnancy is highly speculative.

6 thoughts on “Jivin J’s Life Links 12-2-10”

  1. Maybe I’m the only one bothered by this –
    In 2009,  the name “Ella”, was ranked no. 14 in popularity in the U.S. Why in the world did the drug-maker have to name this abortion-inducing drug “Ella”?

  2. No you are not the only one bothered by this. I just had a friend comment to me on facebook how DISGUSTED she is that they used her daughter’s name for an abortion drug!!

  3. Kissling wrote: “Like Amanda, I want abortion to be legal and accessible. I want to “win.” Firm adherence to rights theory is part of the winning strategy; but it is clear that it has not enabled us to maintain the fullness of Roe’s promise.”

    Wow.  The number we bandy about is over 50 million pre-born children killed by abortion.  I believe this number to be very conservative and it may be much higher.  But let’s pretend for a minute that 50 million in less than 40 years is accurate.  Does Kissling honestly believe that more than 12 million abortions per year ‘has not enabled’ her ‘to maintain the fullness of Roe’s promise’ ??!!  Holy canolli, what the heck, just how many more abortions would have to be committed?!

    I don’t know what Kissling’s real deal is, but I am appalled when abortion advocates think that not enough babies are dead.

  4. Oh, time ran out before I could add:  Firm adherence to rights theory is not part of a winning strategy.  It is in fact a loser’s tactic.  No woman has a right to murder her child, at any age. 

  5. ninek,
    Great points.

    Kissling makes Roe v. Wade sound like religious dogma when she speaks of “the fullness of Roe’s promise”.  I’d like to know what Kissling’s “real deal” is also!

  6. That bar code thing really bothers me. I mean, they say the part with the code on it is shed upon implantation, but still! Bar codes on humans?! I can’t help but think of all the sci-fi about clones escaping facilities – I mean, we’re not animals to be tracked for goodness sakes!
    Edit; I also agree about that company tainting the name Ella. That’s my Mom-mom’s name & my middle name, and I plan to name my first daughter (assuming I have one) that regardless, but it’s still not fair to tarnish such a beautiful name.

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