UPDATE 12/10, 6:20: Friend Sheila alerted me to this December 8 Washington Post article about Congressional one-hit wonders, with this laugher at the close:

In Cubicle 48, Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-OH) is not as cheerful. Asked if there was anything he’d miss about Capitol Hill, Driehaus acted as if he’d been asked if he’d miss a toothache. He laughed a short, derisive laugh.

“No,” said Driehaus, who was defeated after one term. “It’s a job. I mean, I lost an election. I move on. You know, that’s the way I view it. I’m not real stuck on being a member of Congress.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the place. So, would he ever run again?

“I might,” he said.

If there were an award given for sorest losers, recently defeated Ohio Rep. Steve Driehaus would be a contender.

Driehaus is blaming the pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List for his shellacking in November, going so far as to sue the PAC in federal court last week for “character defamation” and “depriving him of his livelihood.”

Driehaus was one of 15 pro-life Democrats around the country who were either fired or retired last month after voting for Obamacare.

As one of those targeted for defeat by the SBA List, Driehaus is fixated on it rather than his Pelosi-whipped self as the reason for his political demise….

I would be remiss at this point not to again mention Kristen Day and Democrats for Life….

Day submitted 2 affidavits on Driehaus’ behalf against the SBA List, relishing the ramifications in an Oct. 25 press statement that “[a]ll records… will have to be turned over to lawyers for Congressman Steve Dreihaus [sic].”

As we see, Day’s hope lives on.

But this amounts to Day advocating a pro-life WikiLeaks: releasing internal pro-life “cables” to the general public, including the enemy.

While legal in this case, it was certainly treasonous to the movement.

Read my entire column today, “Pelosi’s sorest loser: Driehaus,” at WorldNetDaily.com.

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