Recall Al Capone wasn’t brought down for his gangster killings but for income tax evasion.

And so we see Julian Assange, the anti-American Aussie,  being arrested not for committing espionage for WikiLeaking top secret American documents to the world but for scorning 2 groupies and not wearing a condom. Interestingly, liberal feminism is apparently also at play in this high stakes soap opera.

Once again we see sex making smart people stupid.

Also recall Al Capone died of syphilis.

Grab a cup of coffee and a doughnut and prepare for a fascinating read.  From The Daily Mail, December 7 (and I otta say once again how I love British journalism.)…

… Enkoping [Scandinavia]…  the place where Mr Assange made a ­catastrophic error.

Here, in a 1st-floor flat in a dreary apartment block, the mastermind behind the leak of more than 250,000 classified US diplomatic cables this month slept with a female admirer whom he had just met at a seminar. She subsequently made a complaint to police….

Stockholm police want to question him regarding the possible rape of a woman and separate allegations from another Swedish admirer, with whom he was having a concurrent fling.

The story began on August 11 this year, when Assange arrived in Stockholm.

He had been invited to be the key speaker at a seminar….

His point of contact was a female party official, whom we shall refer to as Sarah….

An attractive blonde, Sarah was already a well-known ‘radical feminist’. In her 30s, she had travelled the world following various fashionable causes.

While a research assistant at a local university she had not only been the protegee of a militant feminist ­academic, but held the post of ‘campus sexual equity officer’. Fighting male discrimination in all forms, including sexual harassment, was her forte.

Sarah and Assange had never met. But… they agreed that during his visit he could stay at her small apartment in central Stockholm.

What happened over the next few days – while casting an extraordinary light on the values of the 2 women involved – suggests that… the WikiLeaks founder is… certainly a man of strong sexual appetites who is not averse to exploiting his fame….

The pair… returned to her flat and had sex. What is not disputed by either of them is that a condom broke – an event which, as we shall see, would later take on great significance….

[T]he next day, a Saturday…Assange attended his seminar…. In the front row of the audience, dressed in an eye-catching pink jumper… was a pretty twentysomething whom we shall call Jessica….

It is believed that by happenstance Jessica also met Sarah… during the meeting.

Assange… has a child from a failed relationship around 20 years ago….

Jessica called Assange…. [T]hey agreed to go to her home in Enkoping, but he had no money for a train ticket and said he didn’t want to use a credit card because he would be ‘tracked’….

So Jessica bought both their tickets….

[A]fter they arrived at her apartment they had sex. According to her testimony to police, Assange wore a condom. The following morning they made love again. This time he used no protection.

Jessica reportedly said later that she was upset that he had refused when she asked him to wear a condom….

Assange promised to stay in touch. He then returned to Stockholm, with Jessica again paying for his ticket….

What happened next is difficult to explain. The most likely interpretation of events is that as a result of a one-night stand, one participant came to regret what had happened.

Jessica was worried she could have caught a sexual disease, or even be pregnant…. She then decided to phone Sarah… and apparently confided to her that she’d had unprotected sex with him.

At that point, Sarah said that she, too, had slept with him.

As a result of this conversation, Sarah reportedly phoned an acquaintance of Assange and said that she wanted him to leave her apartment. (He refused to do so, and maintains that she only asked him to leave 3 days later….)

How must Sarah have felt to ­discover that the man she’d taken to her bed 3 days before had already taken up with another woman? ­Furious? Jealous? Out for revenge? Perhaps she merely felt aggrieved for a fellow woman in distress….

Sarah and Jessica took drastic action.

They went together to a Stockholm police station where they said they were seeking advice on how to proceed with a complaint by Jessica against Assange.

According to one source, Jessica wanted to know if it was possible to force Assange to undergo an HIV test. Sarah, the seasoned feminist warrior, said she was there merely to support Jessica. But she also gave police an account of what had happened between herself and Assange a week before.

The female interviewing officer, presumably because of allegations of a sabotaged condom in one case and a refusal to wear one in the ­2nd, concluded that both women were victims: that ­Jessica had been raped, and Sarah subject to sexual molestation….

A duty prosecuting attorney, Maria ­Kjellstrand… agreed that Assange should be sought on suspicion of rape.

By now, the authorities realised they had a high-profile case on their hands and legal papers were rushed to the weekend home of the chief ­prosecutor, who dismissed the rape charge.

She felt that what had occurred were no more than minor offences.

But the case was now starting to spin out of control.

Sarah next spoke to a newspaper, saying: ‘In both cases, the sex had been consensual from the start but had eventually turned into abuse.’

Rejecting accusations of an international plot to trap Assange, she added: ‘The accusations were not set up by the Pentagon or anybody else. The responsibility for what happened to me and the other girl lies with a man with a twisted view of women, who has a problem accepting the word “no”.’

The 2 women then instructed Claes Borgstrom, a so-called ‘gender lawyer’ who is a leading supporter of a campaign to extend the legal ­definition of rape to help bring more rapists to justice.

As a result, in September the case was reopened by the authorities, and last month Interpol said Assange was wanted for ‘sex crimes’.

Yesterday, his lawyer Mark Stephens said the Swedish warrant was a ‘political stunt’….

Assange continues to insist that he has done nothing wrong, and that his sexual encounters with both women were consensual.

But last week, the Swedish High Court refused to hear his final appeal against arrest, and extra­dition papers were presented to police in England….

So what to make of a story in which it’s hard to argue that any of the ­parties emerges with much credit? How reliable are the 2 female witnesses?

Earlier this year, Sarah is reported to have posted a telling entry on her website, which she has since removed. But a copy has been retrieved and widely circulated on the internet.

Entitled ‘7 Steps to Legal Revenge’, it explains how women can use courts to get their own back on unfaithful lovers.

Step 7 says: ‘Go to it and keep your goal in sight. Make sure your victim suffers just as you did.’…

Clearly, [Assange] is responsible for an avalanche of political leaks. Whether he is also guilty of sexual offences remains to be seen.

But the more one learns about the case, the more one feels that… the allegations simply don’t ring true.

[HT: Laura Loo]

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