Chris Slattery, president of EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers, announced on Facebook last night that New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, also president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, will join Alveda King and other African-American leaders on January 10 for a rally spotlighting New York City’s ghastly abortion rate, particularly among blacks. The group will also speak out against a NYC Council bill that seeks to harass pregnancy care centers.

Archbishop Dolan (photo below) was part of a news conference yesterday (also attended and reported on by our own Gerard Nadal) decrying NYC’s abortion statistics, as reported by the New York Times:

The gathering of the religious leaders… was prompted by the release last month of city health department statistics showing a 41% rate of abortion overall in 2009, including a rate close to 60% for black women.

This means 41% of all pregnancies in the NYC area end in abortion, with 60% of all black babies aborted.

Pro-lifers consider NYC the abortion capital of the US. According to the statistics linked above (Tables 4.13, 4.17) the number of abortions in NYC and the 5 boroughs totaled an shocking 174,546 in 2009. If the national annual totals are 1.2 million, as Guttmacher states, then abortions in the NYC region account for 14.5% of all US abortions.

For these reasons, the NYC Council’s introduction late last year of a bill attacking its pregnancy care centers would appear particularly untimely, aside from the fact it is onerous and unconstitutional.

Bill #371 , mimicking ordinances passed in Baltimore and Austin, would force prcs to post signage that they do not commit abortions or distribute contraceptives. They would also have to post if no doctor is on the premises.

Penalties are harsh: a fine of $200-1,000 for the 1st violation and $500-2,500 for subsequent violations; then a shut-down for 3 violations; then jail time up to 6 months for refusing to shut down.

But perhaps the adverse attention in conjunction with NYC’s staggering abortion figures will embarrass pro-abort city council members into backing away. Sign a petition here.

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