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  • The January/February issue of Mother Jones magazine has an article by Sarah Blustain which highlights the work of pro-life lawyer Harold Cassidy. You can get free access to the article by giving them an e-mail address.

  • Meghan McArdle (whom I believe is pro-choice) shoots down Andrew Sullivan’s latest comments on the pro-life movement:

    … [E]ven I know that the pro-life movement spends rather a lot of energy on things like crisis pregnancy centers which aim to get women to carry their pregnancies to term, and assist them in doing so….

    At the point where international adoptions have increased to a quarter of all adoptions, and kids with special health needs make up a substantial fraction of the children adopted (ranging from 30% of international adoptions, to 55% of adoptions from foster care), I think we can say that the demand side has been taken care of. And as far as I know, pro-lifers are doing what they can on the supply side – in terms of building institutions that help women carry a pregnancy to term.

    I find it far-fetched that women are having abortions because no one is willing to help them give the baby up for adoption – there are lots of people and agencies that will not only help them, but pay a substantial portion of their expenses until they deliver.

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