UPDATE, 2/15, 4:25p: Ok, Lila is taping the show with Beck this afternoon. It is anticipated to air on Friday… barring another unforeseen breaking story. Will keep you posted, of course.

UPDATE 2/10, 10:15a: Due to breaking news about Egypt, the entire Glenn Beck show today has been shifted to focus on that. Producers are attempting to reschedule Lila for Monday, February 14.

2/9, 9:26p: Lila Rose has confirmed to me she will appear on Glenn Beck’s Fox Cable News tv show tomorrow, February 10, which airs 5-6p EST.

Beck interviewed Lila on his radio program today; audio below.

At the end Beck invited Lila to appear with him on his tv program tomorrow, when he will dedicate the entire hour to the history of Planned Parenthood and LiveAction.org’s 4 years of exposés. Said Beck:

We want to get this video, as much of it as we can from the four years of work, and I’m going to dedicate an hour tomorrow on PP and the abuse there and this nonsense that we now – the argument on the Hill – that we’re not funding abortions.  And I’ll do the history of PP as well.

This is excellent news. Please pray for Lila. I can’t imagine the pressure she’s under right now. Here was her excellent radio interview with Beck today…

[HT: moderator Carder]

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