This Monday, Valentines Day, will sponsor a Vigil for Victims in front of all Planned Parenthoods nationwide, from 12 to 1p, no matter which time zone you live in.

Get details at link. Excerpts:

Are you sick and tired of PP getting $363 MILLION of taxpayer funding a year – while aiding and abetting illegal underage sex trafficking?

Take a public stand Monday 2/14 and tell Congress: “NO MORE TAX $ FOR PLANNED PARENTHOOD!”

“Vigils for Victims” of underage sex trafficking are being organized outside Planned Parenthood offices coast-to-coast on Monday, February 14, from Noon to 1 PM in each US Time Zone …

… and YOU can make a profound impact in one hour!

For the last two weeks, the national media has been abuzz with the shocking story of the undercover sting operation that caught abortion giant PP red-handed in the despicable act of aiding and abetting sex trafficking and prostitution of girls as young as 14….

The institution-wide scandal has now reached the highest levels at PP, with top executives making the appalling claim that their workers who were caught on video facilitating underage sex slavery “responded professionally….


We must act swiftly and take a public stand against Planned Parenthood’s harmful agenda — raising awareness in the communities where we live, and calling upon Congress to IMMEDIATELY strip the abortion chain of all tax funding.

This Monday, February 14, all people of faith and conscience are being called upon to hold one-hour “Vigils for Victims” of human trafficking during the Noon hour in the public right-of-way outside PP offices nationwide.

This requires rapid action, but will show PP – and the media – the power of pro-life America to bring about change! shows you how to find you nearest PP (by entering your zip code at PP’s site – haha), how to promote your vigil (with emails, Facebook posts, Tweets, and press releases already prepared for blasting), sample signs you can either copy or take to your nearest Kinkos to enlarge (see below), and fact sheets to distribute.

Your work has already been done! Let’s make this huge!

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