UPDATE 2/22, 7:16a: Have heard from Andy. 65 fatalities so far. Andy’s mother Michelle was standing on a stool when the quake hit and fell, breaking her wrist. Please pray for her. Otherwise, Andy, Alex, Brendan, Lydia, and Sargia – all ProLifeNZ friends living in Christchurch – are ok.

2/21, 10:02p: As many of you know, Bryan Kemper of Stand True Ministries, my husband Rich, and I recently returned from New Zealand, where we spent almost 2 weeks on a workshop/speaking tour for ProLifeNZ.

Also, many of you know Andy Moore from NZ, who interned for this blog a couple years ago. It was Andy who arranged for us to come to NZ, and we got to know he and his family (in whose home we stayed a couple days) well. We also made several good pro-life friends during our stay. In recent days Andy has been helping me again, such as producing the video in this post yesterday. Pictured above, L-R, are Andy’s sister Lydia, me, and Andy taking a break at a local Starbucks.

Anyway, Christchurch, where Andy lives, was hit by a severe earthquake several hours ago. The September 2010 earthquake, at 7.1 on the Richter scale, was stronger but deeper. This earthquake, although only 6.3, was very shallow – only 5km – which is the reason for the devastation. There was a 5.6 aftershock 15 minutes later and a 5.5 aftershock a hour after that.

Thank God, Andy and his family are ok, as is everyone we know, as far as we know.  Please pray for their continued safety. I expect they’re out and about, trying to help, and the conditions are very dangerous. You can watch live news coverage here.

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