Last night during House floor debate on the amendment to defund Planned Parenthood, pro-abort CA Democrat Rep. Jackie Speier apparently became so incensed by pro-life Rep. Chris Smith’s speech preceding hers, she decided to reveal her own “procedure” in order to shame him…

Speier said:

I planned to speak about something else. But the gentleman from New Jersey just put my stomach in knots. I’m one of those women he spoke about just now. I had a procedure at 17 weeks pregnant with a child who moved from the vagina into the cervix. The procedure you just described is the procedure I endured. I lost the baby. And for you to stand on this floor and suggest that somehow this is a procedure that is either welcomed or done cavalierly or done without any thought, is preposterous.

“A child who moved from the vagina into the cervix”? I appreciated that this was clearly a sensitive issue for Speier, but I had to tweet at the time that her comment made no sense, biologically speaking.

Perhaps Speier misspoke, being unprepared and emotional. But since she brought it up as a defense of abortion and continuing to fund Planned Parenthood, I think she needs to clarify.

Perhaps Speier meant to say her baby moved from the cervix to the vagina, as in an incompetent cervix or premature delivery.

Then Speier said, “I lost the baby.” That phrase doesn’t mix with abortion. Did her baby die before being removed? If so, Speier did not have an abortion, as the word is commonly understood.

Finally, not being able to say the word, “abortion,” if that’s what she had, and also indicating it was something she “endured,” does not bode well for promoting it.

So, for a few reasons I’m not clear Speier actually had an abortion.

Abortion proponents like EMILY’s List are calling Speier’s speech an “act of sheer bravery” as “one of the women that Republicans callously speak of in abstraction.”

So I think Speier needs to clarify what exactly happened if she is going to allow her peeps to make her a poster child for abortion.

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