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  • A girl at a Catholic high school in Canada was sent home after wearing tape on her uniform to symbolize her pro-choice opinion:

    The anti-abortion message her schoolmates wore inspired Alexandria Szeglet to don her opinion too. Instead of the word “life” written along strips of red tape, the 15-year-old Thunder Bay resident wore the word “choice” written on strips of green tape stuck to her Catholic high school uniform….

    Alexandria left, but the soft-spoken Grade 10 student had started a movement: In a show of solidarity, 24 of her peers followed suit, adhering green tape to their uniforms. 4 of them were also sent home, some for a 2-day suspension….

    The students who wore an anti-abortion message were allowed to remain at school because their event had been approved by the school’s administration. The stickers were part of an annual Day of Silent Solidarity in which students take a vow of silence in order to raise money for an anti-abortion student group.

    The students who wore a pro-choice message hadn’t asked for permission and some swore or were belligerent to teachers….

  • Delaware Online has a story about DE’s lack of a late-term abortion law after their former law (which prohibited abortion after 20 weeks) was ruled invalid. The last page of the article also quotes a Planned Parenthood representative misstating Roe v. Wade effects on 3rd-trimester abortions:

    After Roe v. Wade, then-DE Attorney General W. Laird Stabler issued a detailed written opinion identifying portions of the state’s abortion law that the office believed were no longer constitutional. 4 years later, then-Attorney General Richard Weir conceded in a federal lawsuit that the state’s abortion statutes were unconstitutional and told the court that they would not be enforced.

    The only way a doctor can be prosecuted in DE for performing late-term abortions would be under the state’s homicide statutes, “which seems a bit drastic given it is a woman’s health care issue,” said former federal Judge Joseph J. Farnan Jr. “Delaware presently lacks a definitive enforcement scheme with regard to pregnancy terminations.”

  • Delaware Online also has information on the ongoing attempts to keep valid medical licenses away from the 2 abortionists who worked with Kermit Gosnell at former NAF abortion clinic in Delaware:

    State prosecutors charged at a hearing Tuesday night that Dr. Albert Dworkin signed a letter that was vital in keeping Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s alleged “house of horrors” clinic operating in West Philadelphia.

    Deputy Attorney General Barbara Gadbois also said Dworkin, 84, of Kennett Square, Pa., was the medical director at Atlantic Women’s Medical Services in Wilmington and was therefore responsible for Gosnell’s activity at that clinic. The comments came at a hearing to determine if an emergency suspension of Dworkin’s medical license should be lifted or made permanent.

  • A FL woman going to Planned Parenthood for an annual gynecological exam claims people with the local 40 Days for Life tried to intimidate her. It seems like she’s just extremely paranoid:

    Kerry Fagan tells WINK News due to her insurance she’s left with little options for gynecological exams, so she goes to PP. On a recent trip to the clinic she felt the picketers tried to intimidate her, and found it to be borderline harassment when she went for her annual exam. Fagan says about 20 picketers were outside on the day she went in.

    “My heart started racing like someone was going to come out of the bushes or something,” she explains.

    People with the organization tell WINK News that is never their intent.

    Pam Kessen with 40 DFL tells us, “we sit here and pray. We do not harass, we do not intimidate.”

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