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  • NE’s fetal pain law has prevented at least 1 abortion. Danielle Deaver has gone public after the law prevented her from aborting her daughter, Elizabeth, in the 22nd week of pregnancy. Danielle’s water broke early and Elizabeth was given only a small chance to survive outside the womb:

    There was less than a 10% chance their child would have a heartbeat and be able to breathe on its own. There was an even smaller chance – estimated at 2% – that the baby would ultimately be able to perform the most basic functions on its own, such as eating.

  • Robb and Danielle… just couldn’t see the logic in exhausting painful, expensive medical procedures after being told they had almost no chance to save their baby’s life.

    They decided: There are worse things than death.

    “So (the perinatologist) came in, and we said we’d just like to put an end to this nightmare and can you help us. She said, no, she can’t,” Danielle said.

    The perinatologist said NE’s abortion law, which had been in effect less than 2 months, would not allow Danielle to terminate her pregnancy because her baby still had a heartbeat and because her own life was not immediately jeopardized.

  • Tricia Fraser, the mother of the girl featured on the pro-life billboard recently taken down in NYC is mad the pro-life group Life Always hasn’t apologized to her for using the picture of her daughter which she agreed could be used as a stock image and which the group purchased: 

    Fraser was blindsided by the shocking billboard early last week. The stay-at-home mom said she brought Anissa and her 3 other children to a modeling agency 2 years ago.

    Fraser signed an agreement allowing the pics to be used as stock images, but said she never imagined her daughter would become the poster child for an anti-abortion campaign centered around African Americans.

  • DE’s State Department and the Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline have suspended the license of Arturo Apolinario (another abortionist who worked with abortionist Kermit Gosnell at Atlantic Women’s Services), after AG Beau Biden provided them with more information. Last week the same board suspended the license of abortionist Albert Dworkin:“The information provided in this subsequent complaint was sufficient in their minds to issue this [order],” said Christopher Portante, a spokesman for the Dept. of State. “He had oversight of the facility and was responsible for protection of the patients at that facility.”

    Portante said the fact that Apolinario was medical director at Atlantic’s Wilmington clinic played a “major part” in the decision to suspend his license. His position as medical director was not mentioned in the state’s earlier complaint.

  • Fiscal and social conservatives agree on defunding Planned Parenthood. From Grover Norquist and Marjorie Dannenfelser:… [W]hat is now at stake in the funding fight over the nation’s largest abortion business is… about a whole herd of sacred cows. In fact, it’s about the whole farm: If a new Congress elected on a pledge to halt skyrocketing spending and deficits can’t cut the gold-plated panjandrums at Planned Parenthood, it can’t cut anything….

    For these reasons and more, PP should be at the head of the cut list…. PP is awash in net income. From 2002 to 2007, the national organization and its affiliates took in $388M more than they spent on programs and services. No doubt the group lost some of that money in the same kinds of investments that disappointed the rest of us, but that has not prevented it from paying its president more than $337k in annual salary and tens of thousands more in benefits and allowances.

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