by Suki Carder

I read a quote in Al Jazeera on April 26 by Dr. Linda Valencia, Guatemala Program Officer of Planned Parenthood Federation of America:

While I was chief resident of this hospital in 2002, the night shift supervisor called me one night at 10 pm so that I could operate on a patient in septic shock. She pleaded with me not to let her die.

“Doctor,” she said, “I had an abortion, and I did it because I have seven kids at home, I don’t have a proper job. I wash clothes.”

When I examined her, I saw her legs had turned black. When we opened her up and started operating, there was this stench of corrosive liquid. They’d injected corrosive liquid through her vagina to make her abort. We finished operating and took her to intensive care. Hours later, she died.

She’s never left my thoughts. I can almost…yes, I still remember her face.

Discussion begins at 3:45 on the linked video.

Abortion is illegal in Guatemala, but pro-aborts are attempting the tried and true tactic of claiming abortion should be legalized to stop illegal, unsafe abortions.

At any rate, what is the compassionate pro-life response to this argument?

Another question: Do you find it curious that Al Jazeera, an Islamic publication, is promoting abortion in Central America, since Islam is pro-life? Comparatively speaking, wouldn’t you find it curious if CBN News appeared to promote abortion in Iran?

[HT:  Abortioneers blog]

JLS note: According to the article, “Guatemala has the highest fertility rate among women and yet it remains the poorest country in the region where women can ill afford large families.” This is unadulterated spin. According to the CIY World Factbook, the fertility rate of Guatemala ranks 50th among 223 countries worldwide, at 3.27 children per woman, which certainly isn’t high. Three children do not constitute a “large family.” A replacement rate of 2.1 is needed simply to sustain an existing population.

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