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  • Secular ProLife encourages pro-life bloggers to participate in Life Report’s upcoming “link party” – a posting of links to various blog entries on a particular topic. This week’s topic will be “The Physical Dangers of Abortion.” See here for details.
  • Creative Minority Report hosts video of a Genocide Awareness Project on a college campus. As the video demonstrates, not all of the reactions to the display were thoughtful or educated:


  • Vital Signs posts snippets from the Center for BioEthics in Culture regarding the victimization of egg donors and the terrible side effects of egg donation.
  • Timmerie reveals a unique pre-Mother’s Day outreach to women entering abortion clinics: the gift of a bouquet of flowers and “Happy Mother’s Day” card, along with the usual sidewalk counseling information.
  • Suzy B highlights Republican candidates’ responses to life issues questions in the first debate.
  • ProWomanProLife contributor Véronique Bergeron discusses society’s “split personality” when it comes to abortion and assisted reproductive technology.
  • Wesley J. Smith writes on VT’s failure to pass a law approving assisted suicide.
  • John Smeaton discusses a recent Economist article which highlights how the culture of death propaganda machine influences cultural behaviors in third-world countries.

[HT for CMR video: Jasper]

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