The links between abortion and breast cancer aren’t rocket science… unless you’re a liberal feminist, I guess:

  1. Estrogen-dependent link 1: Abortion stops breast cells from maturing so they are not cancer vulnerable, which only happens after a mother is 32 weeks pregnant.
  2. Estrogen-dependent link 2: Abortion causes a woman to have more menstrual cycles than she would if pregnant, exposing her to more estrogen, a Group I carcinogenic as toxic as cigarettes.
  3. Independent link: A mother who has had an abortion is left with more cancer vulnerable cells than she had before becoming pregnant. Breast tissue has multiplied without maturing.

This is one of those actualities people 50 years from now won’t believe was ever denied – covered up, even – once the facts were in.

Yet even after all this time of trying to reason with pro-abortion ideologues about the link, I still get frustrated that they refuse to acknowledge the obvious.

Now their inability to connect the dots is apparent in a new way. As reported by several news outlets in April, quoting here Babble:

Breast milk might one day serve as a screening tool to assess breast cancer risk.

A new study examined DNA from specific cells present in breast milk that could provide clues to a woman’s risk for developing breast cancer.

Researchers found there were more DNA modifications on certain genes inside these cells in breast tissue that turned cancerous compared to healthy tissue.

The test would be particularly useful for women who become pregnant later in life because they are at a higher risk for breast cancer, said study researcher Kathleen Arcaro….

Obviously, if a mother has aborted she will have no breast milk to screen. So abortion has aborted what may be an important assessment and preventative tool.

But pro-abortion ideologues didn’t get it. The pro-abortion news organizations Huffington Post and National Partnership for Women and Families both reported it, and even the liberal feminist website Feministing spotlighted the study….

I really don’t think they realized abortion was implicated with the very screening measure they touted.

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