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  • The Star-Ledger has a conversation with Mara Hvistendahl on her new book Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men.
  • The UK’s Department of Health is considering a measure that would forbid abortion providing non-profits from doing abortion counseling. Instead, women would have to be referred to an independent organization which doesn’t provide abortions:

    Conservative MP Nadine Dorries and Labour MP Frank Field propose that counseling would have to be provided either by a statutory body or a private organization that does not itself provide abortions.

    The DoH statement appears to hold out the possibility that the MPs’ proposals could become a reality without the need for a vote in parliament.

    A spokesman said: “The Department of Health wants women who are thinking about having an abortion to be able to have independent counseling. However, we do not believe it is necessary to set out this requirement in primary legislation as the necessary legal mechanisms already exist to enable this.”

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