On June 17 pro-lifers who protest at the Hillcrest Women’s Medical Center abortion mill in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, began holding a sign naming the manager, Amy Giambilis.

The clinic is part of a chain owned by abortionist Earl McLeod, who has been involved in the deaths of at least 2 patients. Giambilis has reportedly worked at Hillcrest for over 10 years. Her connection to the mill is easily accessible on the Internet.

Amy Giambilis doesn’t like pro-lifers. They get under her skin, to the point that she was caught on video in 2008 telling a pro-lifer, “I’d like to kill you.”

So Giambilis didn’t take kindly to the pro-lifers outting her on June 17 and called the police.

Harrisburg Officer John Salvadia, stating he was on orders from the district attorney, defied the pro-lifers’ First Amendment rights and confiscated the sign, adding that the legality of what he was doing was “something for the courts to decide.” Ok, I hope the pro-lifers take it to the courts, and I hope the pro-lifers also sue the city’s butt.

Here’s video of the entire debacle…


Here’s that video of Giambilis in 2008 giving pro-lifers the finger and saying, “I’d like to kill you, that’s what I’d like to do”…


[Thanks to Andy Moore for video editing; photo of Giambilis comes via her Facebook page, where she vaguely states she works “in the medical field” and where she notes her favorite tv shows are Dirty Jobs and Trauma: Life in the E.R. Creepy.]

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