I received the following email this week, with permission to post:

I am a 46-year-old mother of 2 adult children who just attended a secular college for the first time.

Appalled by my experience, I put together a presentation for local Bible college students to help prepare them for what they would experience when they continued their education at a nearby secular liberal arts college, which many planned to do.

I am also pro-life and my presentation also focused on abortion as well.

After the presentation one of the students told me about a challenge he had already faced. His professor gave the story about the 9-year-old Brazilian girl who was impregnated with twins by her stepfather. She went on to have an abortion because the doctors said her life was in danger, but then her family was excommunicated from the Catholic Church as a result. He asked how to respond to that in the classroom as a pro-lifer.

I am having a LOT of trouble framing a loving pro-life response to this case. We aren’t Catholics so this really isn’t my issue.

I have done some research on the Internet, and there was a lot of hate spewed at pro-lifers at the time (2009). It also seems like pro-lifers have been pretty silent about it. I haven’t found much in response. Do you have any advice for me? I feel like I failed as a pro-lifer on my very first speaking engagement, so any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!

Time magazine has details on this tragedy, as does the BBC.

What thoughts or advice would you share?

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