I received the following email this week:

Hi Jill,

I am unfortunately in need of some good insight.

My daughter is 30 and has wanted a baby for a long time. She finally got pregnant, but it was an ectopic pregnancy the doctors missed until she had to be rushed to the hospital. They did emergency surgery and saved the tube but took the “pregnancy.” As you can guess, she was devastated.

We now hear she is at a higher risk for another ectopic  pregnancy. She desperately wants a baby, and we have all prayed so much for one. The problem is that if she has another ectopic, the way to treat it is to give a chemical to have the body absorb the baby. She feels that is killing it.

I have always felt life begins at conception and have taught my 5 kids this. But i don’t know what God would have her do in a situation like this. Is this treatment for ectopic pregnancy considered an abortion? Was it considered that when the doctors performed emergency surgery? Should she not try to get pregnant since there is a chance?

Your thoughts and advice?

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