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  • Indiana’s attorney general has asked a federal court to overturn the preliminary injunction issued by Judge Tonya Walton Pratt which has prevented IN from defunding Planned Parenthood:

    “This dispute belongs between the state and the federal government that administers and funds the Medicaid program, not between a private contractor and the state,” [AG Greg] Zoeller said.

    “The proper place to argue this dispute is the federal government’s own administrative hearing process, established for exactly this purpose. We hope the 7th Circuit will agree, reverse the U.S. District Court’s decision and allow the administrative review to run its course.”

  • Looks like San Francisco will be the next city to try to pass pregnancy center legislation:

    In a deceptive ploy to preach to pregnant women, anti-abortionists have set up “crisis clinics” in San Francisco claiming to offer non-judgmental abortion services, city officials say….

    City Attorney Dennis Herrera and Supervisor Malia Cohen will discuss efforts to crack down on the faux clinics at a City Hall news conference Tuesday morning.

    The New York Times has picked up this story and adds some more details.

  • Planned Parenthood Mar Monte is still looking for the 9 parking spaces needed to open up a clinic in Redwood City. They are also trying to force Enterprise Rent-A-Car to keep an agreement to provide the spaces.
  • NPR’s ombudsman Edward Schumacher-Matos responds to Ryan Bomberger’s charges of biased editing during his recent debate with Carlton Veazey. In the comments section you can tell Bomberger is unimpressed. Schumacher-Matos seems to not have listened to the unedited version because he provides no comparison information about the editing, nor does he seem to notice host Michel Martin’s clear bias.

    LifeNews has an editorial by Bomberger on the ombudsman’s comments.

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