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  • Abortion Pill Risks reports that an Oklahoma judge is willing to risk women’s lives by “temporarily block[ing] from taking effect a new law that requires health care providers to follow the strict guidelines and protocols for medical abortion as it was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2000.”

  • Abstinence Clearinghouse discusses The Book of Man: Who Are Men, What Should Men Be, What Should Men Do by former U.S. Education Secretary and national drug czar Bill Bennett. The book discusses some of the unintended consequences of the feminist movement, the media’s denigration of men, and the overall problem of fatherlessness in America.
  • American Life League examines the twisted logic and parsing of words in Catholic feminist bioethicist Dr. Carol Tauer’s recent article calling for an end to the ban on reproductive cloning.
  • Big Blue Wave has a horrendous story from Melbourne in which a woman received what can scarcely be called “medical care” while undergoing a late-term abortion procedure. She was found unresponsive and was transported, under instruction of the abortion clinic, by car to the clinic instead of a hospital, where the abortion was completed without pain meds or oxygen. An ambulance was called after the procedure (no lights or sirens) and the woman was admitted into intensive care for organ failure. Clearly, there was no concern for her health – only for the completion of the expensive procedure.

  • The Culture Vulture shares a photo of a Greenpeace demonstration from 2004 in which protesters voiced “opposition to proposed laws allowing scientific patents of human genetic material and embryos, which is why they set up all the baby dolls frozen in ice on stands.” Amazing visual impact.
  • Abby Johnson contrasts the lack of informed consent for a woman undergoing an abortion with the informed consent required for other surgeries.
  • Pro-Life Action League has an interesting follow-up regarding the merger of Swedish Hospital with Catholic Providence in Washington – and how the National Organization for Women and Planned Parenthood can’t decide if they like the arrangement. Swedish has agreed to cease performing abortions but will out source them to Planned Parenthood of the Greater Northwest, even helping to underwrite the costs of a new PP facility to do it:

    But in the face of such a gift at the hands of the hospital establishment, PP of the Greater Northwest CEO Chris Charbonneau inexplicably lashes out at hospitals for infringing on their abortion turf. From the Seattle Times:

    Swedish should never have been doing those things [abortions] in a hospital, anyway. We have really perfected the office procedure. When you take people into a hospital, you add a level of complications and danger, unnecessarily medicalizing the procedure and typically making it more expensive.

    You add a level of danger being in a hospital where they are prepared to immediately handle complications? No – this is clearly a turf war for the profitable abortion industry.

  • ProLifeBlogs links to a Live Action post which discusses the falsehoods purported by mainstream media – even Fox News – regarding the Mississippi Personhood Amendment.

    LA states the MSM have fallen into the “trap the pro-abortion movement tries to use, claiming that pro-lifers believe a human egg is a person and that we want human eggs to receive legal protection. This is completely false, because pro-lifers actually know their biology and are proud to use science when making our case for protecting the dignity and right to life of the unborn.”

  • Bryan Kemper responds to a recent article written by recent pro-life convert Jewels Green who asks, “Should breaking the law be advocated to advance the cause for life? Should violence be encouraged, condoned, or celebrated to further the cause for life? No, and no.” Kemper contends Green is asking two different questions, which he addresses in detail from the perspective of a person directly involved in the rescue movement.
  • Mommy Life discusses the apparent growing societal hostility toward twins.
  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life posts an excellent video that gives the facts on chemical abortion and prenatal development. The video “shows a fictional consultation between a doctor and a woman seeking an RU486 (chemical) abortion. Unlike most such consultations, this abortionist is honest and factually accurate. The nonprofit educational organization behind the video, the Human Development Resource Council, has provided medical documentation backing up every statement the abortionist makes”:


[Photo via Culture Vulture]

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