Planned Parenthood’s worst nightmare: Seven former employees offer to testify

From U.S. News & World Report today, from an article entitled, “New Planned Parenthood abortion charges”:

New charges from seven former workers – including a self-described “abortion doctor” – that Planned Parenthood used federal money for abortions despite prohibitions is expected to fire up Republicans seeking to shut off tax dollars to the massive family planning group.

In a letter to the House committee investigating Planned Parenthood, the seven former workers also charged that they have witnessed staffers fail to notify parents when a minor sought an abortion, failed to provide a women undergoing an abortion with “accurate and relevant information” regarding the stage of her pregnancy, or detect and act upon instances were a female was brought to a clinic under coercion, possibily even human trafficking….

The committee is probing allegations that Planned Parenthood is misusing taxpayer funds, which the seven pegged at $1 million a day in state and federal support. In opening his investigation, Florida Republican Rep. Cliff Stearns recently demanded documents related to audits, abortion-funding, and policies on reporting sexual abuse from Planned Parenthood.

Read the backstory on the House probe here. Read the letter from former employees here. Planned Parenthood responded to U.S. News by rejecting the charges, no surprise. Susan B. Anthony List circulated the letter around Congress today.

Signers include:

Catherine Adair, former employee of Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts

Dr. Patti Giebink, former abortion doctor at Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota

Abby Johnson, former clinic director of Planned Parenthood Center for Choice in Bryan, Texas

Luis Maldonado, former clinic assistant at Planned Parenthood Mar Monte in San Jose, California

Sue Thayer, former clinic manager of Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa/Planned Parenthood of the Heartland

Ramona Trevino, former clinic manager of Planned Parenthood of North Texas

Patricia Sandoval, former clinic employee of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte in Sacramento, California

Abby is in the process of launching a new ministry to reach out to former abortion workers called And Then There Were None. About her special group of peers, Abby recently wrote:

Planned Parenthood is terrified of former abortion workers.  They are terrified of their own…the defectors.  “Traitors,” they call us….  They call us names because they fear us…and they should.  We become strong warriors for life.  We have seen the ugliest side of this movement of “choice.”  And, most of the time, we want to talk.  And when we talk, people want to listen.  Yes, abortion industry, be scared.  Be scared of what we will expose.  Be scared of the truth.  The truth is what will bring you down.

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38 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood’s worst nightmare: Seven former employees offer to testify”

  1. Glad to see these former pro-choice folks championing life. (At least that’s how I’m interpreting the article.)


  2. What powerful testimony they will provide!  We must keep pressing forward on all fronts.  Planned Parenthood is feeling the heat and like a wounded animal they are more dangerous than ever.  They will join forces with the Demoncrats in this next election and do everything within their power (with their considerable financial resources and political and media connections) to target prolifers in power and seek to undermine them in anyway possible. Nancy is not happy!

    Thank you voters for electing conservative prolife members of the House of Representatives that make these probes possible. 


  3. Charges? What charges? Where have they been filed? Or do you mean allegations?
    Storm, meet teacup.


  4. “New charges from seven former workers…”

    I understand it.

    OH! You’re thinking like a LAWYER!

    Very legal-beagle.


  5. First they ignore us; then they MOCK us (“Reality”); then they fight us.

    Then we win.

    Patti Giebink – today more than ever – you are one of my true heros! 


  6. “Oh Father, Lord of heaven and earth, thank you for hiding the truth from those who think themselves so wise and clever, and for revealing it to the childlike. Yes, Father, it pleased you to do it this way.

    “My Father has given me authority over everything. No one really knows the Son except the Father, and no one really knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.

    “Then Jesus said, ‘Come to me, all you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke fits perfectly, and the burden I give you is light.'”


  7. To this day historians debate the “real” motive behind President Lincoln’s issuing of “The Emancipation Proclamation”.
    Did he really abhor slavery?
    Was he trying to give a “moral” cause to a very unpopular and horrific war?
    Did he hope freed black slaves would join the union army?
    Did he want to create more upheavel in the south?
    None of the above?
    Some of the above?

    We will never have an answer to some questions, i.e. The Emancipation Proclamation, Sebelius overruling the FDA, and the point is what difference does it make? We got the desired result so who cares what motivated anyone to achieve it?


  8. My above post was meant for the Sebelius and the FDA thread and not this one! That’s why it may seem a little off topic.


  9. To this day I wonder why Faye Wattleton, the first….and last…black president of PP suddenly disappeared from the scene. The woman was devoted to PP, a media darling, and in the best position possible to promote her agenda. Where has she been since?


  10. Thank you Catherine, Dr. Patti, Abby, Luis , Sue, Ramona, and Patricia for speaking up! We are all with you and pray that many, many more Planned Parenthood employees will come forward soon.


  11. Faye Wattleton, the one with the meteorological theory of fetal development (it’s just like a little cloud)  is now Prez of the Center for Advancement of Women and is a  member of  board of trustees of Columbia University.   The Center for Advancement of women is having a hard time keeping a web site up.  Perhaps I should advise them.
    Wonder if Faye  knows how Obama did while he was at Columbia.
    Kudos to the Seven former Planned Unparenthood employees who are blowing the whistle on this corrupt organization. 


  12. Hi Pharmer,

    Thank you for the update. I see what you mean about the website.

    What I find curious about Wattleton is her silence. After she left PP we never heard from her again. Its not like she didn’t have a bully pulpit, fawning media, and admiring audience to help promote her dedication to the PP cause. What more could anyone ask?
    I often wonder if she discovered Margaret Sanger’s speech to the women’s auxillary of the Ku Klux Klan. How nice the ladies could take a day off from burning crosses and terrorizing black citizens to attend.


  13. I’ve prayed at one of those PP locations!!   :>) !!   Wow!!!   Welcome back to the human race, former employees!      Thank you so much for coming foward.  :>) !!


  14. Great news. I love the name of the group- And Then There Were None.
    Hearts soften with intercessory prayer, clinic vigils, Reality shown on ultrasounds, etc.
    I will be thanking God all day for this proof that prayer is effective!


  15. I know that math and science are not held in high esteem by the Christian Right but let me try to explain the numbers here to you…
    Planned Parenthood employs over 50,000 people just in this country alone… Now try to imagine what it is going to sound like when 7 people try to speak lies over the voices of over 50,000 people who know what happens at Planned Parenthood every single day…
    You have a tiny group of 7 disgruntle employees, some of whom are currently making money selling anti-PP books make their own testimony suspect as generating personal gain in book sales…
    7 vs. 50,000+ people who can prove and testify that those 7 are lying…   Good luck with that…


  16. Biggz,
    I don’t see any disgruntle ex-employee.
    I see the Truth changing hearts and coming forth.
    If you are open to learn the Truth about Planned Parenthood you will be able to see it.
    Just wait…
    In the meantime, I reccomend you watch the documentary Maafa21 to learn about the origin of PP.


  17. No, Biggz. They’re just the ones willing to testify to the truth in court. There might be 50,000+ people willing to lie in court for PP, but the hidden camera footage corroborates the 7 and would show that the 50,000+ are just more willing to lie.


  18. Seven people with the truth behind them, or even just a single person with the truth is a majority.


  19. Biggz said, “I know that math and science are not held in high esteem by the Christian Right but let me try to explain the numbers here to you…”
    Do just a bit of research on the involvement of the Catholic church in the development of science before you spout off popular lies of the mindless left and expose yourself as nothing more than an ignorant, leftist bigot.
    By the way, I’m a mechanical engineer, by definition great at math and science, and am a devout Catholic. 


  20. But Jason, this is what the elites do. If they can label the Christian Right as a bunch of Walmart shoppin’ rubes who got hoodwinked by George Bush TWICE, then they can feel superior and not deal with the issue at hand.

    Planned parenthood murders babies, Biggz.
    We hate murder.
    Therefore, PP has GOT TO GO.


  21. Hey! I just got home from Walmart! ANYWAY…you won’t convince the Left. Their ears are stopped. Only God can open them. It’s the mid-range independents who determine who wins elections from whence SCOTUS justices are appointed. The Left meets the technical definition of a narcissistic “cult.” They just can’t believe that that their education exceeds their intelligence and their arrogance prevents them from recognizing the truth.


  22. “I know that math … [is] not held in high esteem by the Christian Right”

    Please do not tempt me…


  23. 7 is a very auspicious number, so color me happy.   At the clinic where we’ve prayed, we’ve been shouted at, given “the finger,” cursed at, spat upon, and even had some objects lobbed our way from car windows… but this makes it all worth it.    We owe a special thanks to David Bereit for 40 Days for Life, which has been instrumental in helping both mothers and employees cross over to the side of life.   Just a couple weeks ago I got to cuddle up one of our “saves.”   Mmmm, new baby smell!     

    And Biggz, darling, our Church not only spends its own money on adult stem cell research, but we’ve also got a honkin’ big observatory and all kinds of astronomical research going on.  Finally, I hate to be the bearer of more bad news for you Biggz, but the father of all genetic research was…a Catholic monk!  


  24. YES!!!  7 will come forward with all they know and testify to the truth of what PP is all about!!!   Their stories are irrefutable.   

    Hey Biggz,  

    Are the 50,000 willing to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help them God? 
    Do you know if 50,000 are willing to commit perjury?   


  25. Biggz 3:25PM

    If I were to say..” I know that math and science are not held in high esteem by black people…”, your response would be what?
    I love how your bastions of tolerance are so oblivious to your own intolerance and bigoty.


  26. I am so glad to hear that so many former PP workers are leaving and telling what happens there.  It is only by hearing/seeing the truth that our society will come to see the evils of abortion and the lies told to protect and promote it.  I recently read Teresa Tomeo’s book Extreme Makeover that has a whole section outlining the lies the abortion promoters tell.  I was really surprised at what this billion dollar industry has gotten away with for so long.  Lies right from the very beginning of PP.  And the media spreads the lies because it fits in their agenda.  The more we shine the light on this evil the sooner the truth will open the hearts and minds of the people – and the sooner it will end.


  27. I applaud the courage of these folks….it’s like David vs Goliath ! 

    These ex-PP employees will be the “stones” hurled at the head of the giant PP corporation that will bring it down in the abortion battle!

    Hooyah and God Bless!!!


  28. Mary, I suspect Sebelius overruled the FDA because PP gets less money if teenagers can end their pregnancy without going to PP. Keeping her job depends on Obama keeping his.


  29. When an entire group of people deny science like evolution whenever it suits them but then preach the science of fetal development it is a bit silly…
    But you still cannot get past the numbers… 7 vs. 50,000+ and those 50,000+ go to work every single day knowing they are helping women and doing right. They have nothing to hide but the identities of their patients and donors and that is the fault of anti-choice groups killing people and bombing clinics…
    50,000+ that can testify that your 7 are disgruntled ex-employees who saw an opportunity to make much more money giving speeches and selling books…
    Richard – I know more about PP than you do sir. The PP clinic a few block from my house was bombed! TWICE! Also I have done more reading about Margret Sanger than you have. You read bits and pieces and complain about things that were said almost a century ago. We pro-choice people celebrate her actions and the difference she made in the women’s right movement. Tell me this Richard, why was she sent to prison and what did she do while in prison? What was she trying to accomplish by talking to the KKK in the Deep South that was run and oppressed by the KKK? Remember the whole thing about the south fight a war in order to keep their rights to own slaves? How do you think women ranked down there? You know nothing Jon Snow…


  30. It’s not a popularity contest, Biggz. Fifty-thousand or fifty-trillion, the truth is the truth. It’s not up for a vote. Spin it any way you want: killing babies is killing babies regardless of the “intentions.” It’s manslaughter.

    BTW: you mischaracterize Pro-Life people. But spin is always on the side of the spinner. I’ve not killed anyone – nor have I bombed any clinics.


  31. I believe the video evidence presented by Lila Rose that proves those 50,000 to be liars. Thanks.


  32. Biggz says:
    When an entire group of people deny science like evolution whenever it suits them but then preach the science of fetal development it is a bit silly…

    Huh.  I thought I would be included in the “Christian Right” but apparently not, since I have no issue with evolution.


  33. Biggz,
    I am surely glad you’re so knowledgeable.

    Let me ask you two questions.
    1. If what you believe about Planned Parenthood is true, why fear so much 7 former employees and the congressional investigation? I am sure that they will bring out all the “good” Planned Parenthood does for all to admire.

    2.What is the biggest injustice in today’s world according to you? 


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