On March 14, 1875, in her famous speech “Social Purity,” [Susan B.] Anthony listed, among other things, “abortions and infanticides” as part of a “monster evil of society.”

[Democratic Rep. John] Conyers scoffed that “I’ve never heard or read about [abolitionist Frederick Douglass] saying anything about prenatal nondiscrimination,” but Douglass said on October 22, 1883: “Only base men and oppressors can rejoice in a triumph of injustice over the weak and defenceless, for weakness ought itself to protect from assaults of pride, prejudice and power.”

For what its worth, the NAACP’s affection for defeating policies that would protect the life of colored people seems to be consistent….

It is a sign of moral bankruptcy and political expediency when the NAACP, America’s oldest civil rights group, finds itself on the same side of the abortion debate as the infamous eugenicist Margaret Sanger….

Does the NAACP really think that it is to the “advancement” of “colored people” to oppose a bill that would make racially motivated abortions illegal?

~Project 21 spokesman Jerome Hudson, commenting on the NAACP’s opposition of the Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, which would ban sex-selection or race-based abortions, as quoted by ConservativeBlog.org, December 21

[Photo of Anthony and Douglass tea party sculpture via marycartledgehayes.blogspot.com]

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