The airline industry has made it abundantly clear in recent months that they don’t want babies on board….

One airline, however, has emerged as the exception to the baby-hating rule.

Asiana Airlines, which is one of South Korea’s two major airlines… offer[s] something called Pre-Mom Service in which expectant mothers in all sections of the plane are gifted with warm socks, seats near the bathroom and high-priority luggage delivery upon landing….

Had your baby already? Try out Asiana’s “Happy Mom” service, which is available for passengers traveling on flights longer than 10 hours. If you’ve got a kid under 24 months old with you, you will be welcome at exclusive check-in counters and offered a nursing cover free of charge….

Can you imagine flying on an airline that actually welcomes your children?

~ Meredith Carroll, Babble, January 2

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