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  • Here’s the Washington Post’s coverage of the March for Life 2012.
  • A utility worker in Fort Wayne found the remains of an unborn child while cleaning a pump station screen. The age of the child has yet to be determined. The article states between 10 and 25 weeks.
  • At the LTI blog, Jay Watts dismantles Unitarian Universalist minister Debra Haffner’s assertion-filled, argument-free piece attempting to make a religious case for legalized abortion.

    What always gets me about pieces like Haffner’s is when they equate “respecting women’s moral agency” with believing that every decision a woman makes is morally right.

  • The Salt Lake Tribune has a long, two-part profile article on embattled abortionist Nicola Riley (pictured left), who has been charged with murder for her role in late-term abortions in Maryland. The story shows how Riley’s financial troubles led her to inquire about aborting children on the east coast and led to her association with infamous abortionist Steven Brigham. The second part details the botched abortion which led to charges against Riley and Brigham and how Riley’s numerous lies about her past prison term caught up with her.

[Photo via wjla.com]

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