~I assume that us “pro-aborts” will be completely shut down by this query and the flimsiness of our stance on abortion will be shown and God be revealed and all will be well.

~ At first I laughed, then I realised this is like actually like a real thing. Brace yourself for the 22nd Pro-Choicers, we’re in for our toughest challenge yet.

~Awwwww, poor things don’t understand what the word “choice” means. Oh Ms. Stanek. You never fail to amuse me. This shall be interesting.

~ oh my f***ing g**, Jill Stanek is a sack of feces. Ignorant steaming feces. I just… is it wrong that I just want to laugh and laugh and laugh at this? I mean it’s so… it’s like a joke!

~ Pro-choice responses to Ask Them What They Mean by “Choice” Day tomorrow at married to trouble, January 19

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