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  • Bookmark this from RH Reality Check to respond to claims that “no one likes abortion”:

    I love abortion. I don’t accept it. I don’t view it as a necessary evil. I embrace it.

    I donate to abortion funds. I write about how important it is to make sure that every woman has access to safe, legal abortion services. I have bumper stickers and buttons and t-shirts proclaiming my support for reproductive freedom. I love abortion.

  • Ready to get sick? At Religion Dispatches, Sarah Posner interviews an anonymous abortionist about the role her faith plays in killing defenseless human beings:

    For the doctor, her faith is “an important part of my life I think it still helps me find balance and determine what actions to take. I do feel like I have a calling for certain things, including the work I do, and that comes from my faith and my beliefs.”

    A calling from God to rip innocent human beings limb for limb?

  • The Detroit Free Press has an article on Michigan State women’s basketball player Lykendra Johnson (pictured left), her unplanned pregnancy and her daughter:

    As MSU learned it would be heading to Wichita… to play Northern Iowa in the first round of the NCAA tournament, Johnson learned something, too.

    “It wasn’t fatigue,” she said. “That’s when I first found out.”

    She found out she was pregnant, and had been pregnant for most of the season, including when she had 16 points and 17 rebounds against Ohio State in February and 24 points and 12 rebounds against Penn State. The pregnancy – former MSU men’s player Delvon Roe was the father – was a shocking surprise.

  • I’m surprised the Washington Post headline in a story/blog post correctly attributes the decision to defund the Texas Women Health Program to the White House.

    WaPo also has an interview with a local Planned Parenthood leader about the defunding and PP’s plans to cut corners.

  • A California man was given 25 to life for killing his girlfriend and her unborn child:

    A man who admitted to strangling his pregnant girlfriend, killing her and her 4-month-old fetus, was sentenced Wednesday to 25 years to life in state prison.

    Michael LaBrunda pleaded guilty to both first-degree murder for killing 21-year-old Alisha Chapman of Westminster on Oct. 10, 2007, and second-degree murder for killing the fetus, Los Angeles County prosecutors said.

  • In Reason, Steve Chapman writes about the real war on women:

    If the effort to limit the contraceptive mandate were truly a frontal assault on women, a majority of them would not be endorsing the offensive. But the ideology of groups like Planned Parenthood and the National Organization for Women (NOW) sometimes ignores inconvenient gender realities.

    Those advocates have been distracted from a different and far less figurative war on women — which, as it happens, is helped rather than hindered by one of the “reproductive rights” they champion.

    Legal abortion may empower women, but it has also become a powerful method for the mass elimination of females.

  • Funny how abortion advocates act like all abortion clinic owners aren’t really in it for the money but just care so much about women. Then you have an abortion clinic worker say something like this:

    Sometimes our employers tend so much to the “business” part of our business, that they forget the heart of it. They forget that without passion, without advocacy, without caring for more than the bottom line (and without having employees who do, to their core, have these qualities), they will have a very cold business. They will lose those who care the most: who are motivated by making a difference in women’s lives. Some of my friends are getting lied to by their bosses: being promised that they would always have a job/not get a paycut/not get laid-off/that they’re too valuable to ever lose; then all of the above happens. And employees who are rude to patients, rude to other employees, who suck the heart out of a clinic stay behind.

  • Illinois continues its long overdue attempts to crackdown on abortion clinics. This time, the state is ordering an abortion clinic to stop advertising surgical abortions since it lost its license in October:

    The Illinois Department of Public Health sent a strongly worded order to the Women’s Aid Clinic in Lincolnwood by certified mail on March 7. But the clinic’s website on Thursday still was promoting “first trimester abortion services from 6 to 14 weeks of pregnancy with two types of anesthesia.”

    In October, the clinic lost its abortion clinic license after it was cited for dusty equipment, lack of a supervising registered nurse and failure to perform CPR on a patient who later died.

    Since then, the clinic has remained open, even as its owner told the state the clinic would cease to operate as a licensed pregnancy termination center. It’s unclear whether the clinic still is providing surgical abortions, which could be a violation of state law. A woman answering the phone said the clinic provides only the abortion pill.

    The clinic failed to pay a $36,000 fine assessed in October, according to the March 7 letter, which also demands that the clinic return its original license to the state or face a revocation action. The matter will be referred to the Illinois attorney general’s office if the clinic doesn’t pay the fine and cease its “false advertising,” the letter states.

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