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  • Jordan Sekulow and Matthew Clark on Planned Parenthood’s abortion prayers:

    While admitting that aborted babies are “our children — even those we decide not to bring into the world,” Faith Aloud cannot debunk the claim that abortion is murder. Faith Aloud’s Web site states, “When you hear something over and over, like ‘abortion is murder’, it can get into your head — like a commercial. But if you really believed that abortion was the same as murder you probably wouldn’t even be considering it.”

    All Planned Parenthood and Faith Aloud can do is rationalize the taking of another human’s life under the guise of prayer.

  • A Minnesota man has been arrested after beating his pregnant ex-girlfriend and attempting to kill his unborn child:

    Kenneth L. Turner, 28, assaulted his ex-girlfriend at a home for three hours, at one point ordering her to lie on her back and stomping on her stomach with both feet, the charge said. He told her she didn’t deserve the baby and that he was going to kill it, the complaint said.

    The woman is two months pregnant. It’s unclear whether her embryo suffered any permanent injuries.

    Turner was charged with felony first-degree attempted murder of an unborn child and felony domestic assault. He has previous domestic assault convictions and two other violent felony convictions.

  • I can’t believe Planned Parenthood is wasting money on this ad. It’s completely unpersuasive. An abortion clinic nurse practitioner isn’t going to vote for a pro-life candidate because showing women their ultrasounds is “cruel” and women will get black eyes if they are given their ultrasound photo? The arguments against ultrasound legislation are getting weaker and weaker:


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