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  • An Idaho man has been sentenced to 15 years in jail after getting a 12-year-old pregnant and forcing her to have an abortion:

    Kenneth Lamb of Wilder was sentenced Monday by 3rd District Judge Molly J. Huskey to 15 to 30 years in prison on felony convictions of lewd conduct with a minor child and conspiracy to escape from jail. He pleaded guilty in January.

  • Forbes has a piece by Ryan Holliday discussing Planned Parenthood’s decision not to accept a $500,000 donation from Tucker Max: It’s obvious they didn’t want the possibility of negative publicity.

    Remember that Live Action previously recorded PP employees being willing to accept donations for racist reasons.

  • In India, a woman is struggling to survive after being beaten by her husband and in-laws who were attempting to kill her unborn child because they thought the child was a girl. The woman had two previous abortions which were girls or assumed to be girls:

    Police circle inspector Shaikh Usman said that the husband and in-laws of the victim, Munni, a resident of Balajipeta in Tenali town believed that she was pregnant with a girl child as a local Baba had predicted that only the 7th child in her womb will be a male. Husband hence allegedly beat up his wife that lead to miscarriage.

    This was victim’s sixth pregnancy and his husband and in-laws made her abort again and again because they didn’t want the girl child.

    As no local doctor was willing to abort the child for the third time due to her health condition, the family decided to do it themselves. Husband Allabaksh, father-in-law Rahman and mother-in-law Fathima tied her to a pole and beat her on the stomach under the impression it would lead to abortion.

[Photo via indianchild.com]

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