Planned Parenthood thinks it has been the target of another pro-life undercover sting, this one on sex selective abortions.

On April 23 Planned Parenthood’s Vice President of Education Leslie Kantor and Senior Medical Advisor Carolyn Westhoff coauthored an attempt to preempt an exposé they think may be coming in an RH Reality Check op ed:

In recent weeks people who oppose Planned Parenthood… have been conducting a secret, nationwide hoax campaign in an attempt to undermine women’s access to services.

For years opponents of reproductive health and rights have used secret videotaping tactics with fictitious patient scenarios and selective editing to promote falsehoods about Planned Parenthood’s mission, services, and policies. Recently, one group has escalated these hoax visits in many states, apparently using secret recorders while inquiring about sex selection abortions. We anticipate that this group, likely in coordination with a broad range of anti-choice leaders, will soon launch a propaganda campaign with the goal of discrediting Planned Parenthood….

As a women’s rights advocate for nearly 100 years, Planned Parenthood finds the concept of sex selection deeply unsettling. Planned Parenthood does not offer sex determination services; our ultrasound services are limited to medical purposes.

Gender bias is contrary to everything our organization works for…. Planned Parenthood condemns sex selection motivated by gender bias, and urges leaders to challenge the underlying conditions that lead to these beliefs and practices, including addressing the social, legal, economic, and political conditions that promote gender bias and lead some to value one gender over the other.

From the questions that were repeatedly asked in these recent hoax visits, we expect that the materials eventually released will focus on Planned Parenthood’s non-judgmental discussions with the various women who posed as possible patients. So, we would like to address that subject directly.

Planned Parenthood insists on the highest professional standards, which among other things means we offer nonjudgmental, confidential care in accordance with relevant laws.  That doesn’t mean we always agree with the decisions made by people who seek our help, but it does mean that we realize that we can’t know all of the circumstances faced by any patient and that requiring women to justify the care they seek is a dangerous health care model for an organization….

Planned Parenthood has extensive guidelines and training requirements for all staff who may encounter difficult or unusual questions, such as those posed by the hoax patients. If a health center learns of an instance where a staff member has not fully followed policies or procedures, swift action is taken to remedy the situation. Our rigorous and ongoing training and quality assurance help identify potential issues, and all health centers respond to any training or personnel needs with professionalism and respect. Planned Parenthood cares about staff, and conducts retraining or other personnel action responsibly.

The obvious investigative organization would be Live Action, which has conducted numerous revealing stings against Planned Parenthood. I asked Lila Rose if Live Action was behind a sex selective sting and received this response:

Live Action’s policy is not to comment on or confirm ongoing investigative research until its conclusion and public release.

So we shall see. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood can’t have it both ways. Planned Parenthood cannot say abortion is amoral yet “condemn[] sex selection motivated by gender bias.”

Either abortion has the underlying moral problem of killing a human being, or no form or reason for it it can be condemned, including killing preborn females. Even acknowledging that those being aborted have a gender is problematic, because it is acknowledging that abortion kills boys and girls.

In fact, abortion only escalates gender bias against women. It decreases the female population, creating stronger patriarchal societies that express even more bias against women. It also increases sex trafficking, since women become rare commodities.

One final note. Huffington Post needs to correct a story. In an April 23 piece reporting on the feared sting Laura Bassett wrote:

HuffPost’s Ryan Grim reported in February 2011 that Live Action heavily edited the videos they gathered to alter the meaning of conversations and falsely imply that Planned Parenthood is complicit in sex trafficking….

This is false. In fact, Live Action released unedited videos from all seven locations it investigated. It went so far as to submit all unedited tapes to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, for what that was worth.

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