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  • At Live Action, Jenna Hines comments on the pro-life agenda she sees hidden within The Hunger Games.
  • The Leading Edge shares the joys and sorrows of a family whose son, Eli, was born with spina bifida.
  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition highlights Wesley J. Smith’s recent article on a court decision in Germany that could open the door for assisted suicide there. With the economy faltering, it is easy to see how this could be used as a way to reduce the competition for scarce medical resources.
  • Ethika Politika has a piece discussing why those pesky “wedge” social/moral issues actually help the conservative political movement.
  • Americans United for Life refutes a HuffPo article which attempts to spin the abortion surcharge in Obamacare as a “rumor.”

  • Culture Campaign follows the story in which the State of Wyoming has been ordered to pay pro-lifers $30,000 for a First Amendment violation:

    Rich Cathcart, head of the Wyoming State Building Commission, has said he ordered two WyWatch [Family Action] poster boards in the tunnel removed last year after receiving complaints. One poster featured a picture of [a developing] unborn fetus and the other a group of women saying that they regretted getting abortions.

After WyWatch filed its lawsuit early this year, the State Building Commission, which includes Gov. Matt Mead and the other four statewide elected officials, enacted a new policy banning all public displays of materials in the tunnel area.

I wonder what was most offensive: the Bibleverse on the display, the picture of the developing human, or the group of women. Somehow I think even if the verse weren’t on these displays, abortion proponents would still have complained. How dare pro-lifers show that actual human beings are affected by abortion!

[Photo via LifeSiteNews]

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